Yikes!  Is it Really Time to Be Thinking of Fall Projects?
Jul 20, 2015 Featured, Design Build

Yikes! Is it Really Time to Be Thinking of Fall Projects?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  With the demand for quality designers, architects and contractors, you should be planning now for your residential or commercial properties.  Here are some you should consider:


  • Get renovation projects on the docket. If you have a major renovation project such as a kitchen or bath redesign, office space renovation or conversion of space into a home relaxation and fitness center, you should be talking to designers now.  August often sees availability on their calendars, but September can be very busy.


  • Landscape.  There are lots of important projects you need to complete to keep your landscaping investment paying off including fertilizing and winterizing grass, trees and shrubs. Now is also the time to plan for any landscape changes in order to enter the winter slumber comfortably so you have beauty in the spring.


  • Replace windows.  Is it time to swap out windows that are more energy efficient and also allow better light?  If your space seems dark even in summer light, imagine how it will feel in winter.  Sensory Six specializes in lighting and can help you maximize light in your property.


  • Paint.  This is the perfect time for both exterior and interior painting. Paint is best applied in warmer weather, and you will also be able to see the colors more accurately due to lighting.


  • Repair roofs.  Cold weather aggravates leaks. Quality roofers are in high demand so make sure that you have a maintenance check done with someone you trust and get on their schedule for repairs now.


  • Do floors.  Late summer and fall is a perfect time for floor installation and sanding and carpet cleaning because of lower humidity. And the weather allows you to spend time on outside recreation when the work is being done.


  • Maintain cooling and heating system. This is the time to schedule furnace repairs and replacements from a cost basis as well as making sure your air conditioning unit is working at peak performance.


  • Repair driveways and walks.  Cold weather expands cracks, and many repair materials cannot be used when the weather turns.  Now is the time to make sure your walkways and driveway are safe and attractive.


  • Fix fireplaces.  It’s hard to think of blazing fires in the middle of summer, but soon you will have a more difficult time scheduling quality service. Make sure a professional checks for flammable buildup and blockages as well as your dampers, damaged brickwork and missing flue caps.


Sensory Six offers complete design and build-out services to its roster of residential and commercial clients.  Our goal is simple – to provide the attentive service and quality work that makes your life peaceful. We believe your home or workplace should be your haven and inspiration, so please let us help minimize your stress.

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