Enjoy the “Treat” of a Specially-Designed “Retreat” Bathroom
Nov 5, 2021 Featured, Bath

Enjoy the “Treat” of a Specially-Designed “Retreat” Bathroom


We love spa bathrooms that make you feel like you are on a retreat in your own home. Now you can put the “treat” into a “retreat” bathroom with some ideas from Sensory Six.


Bring in Nature

We know from research and our own intuition that when you bring nature into an indoor space, you feel better. Bathrooms are ideal spaces to put this design concept to work.

  • Swap out your current showerhead for a rainfall version that mimics a relaxing rain shower. Technology lets you get an intense flow of water by combining internal waterway design and an air induction system.
  • Consider incorporating a home steam bath. It’s well documented that steam adds to wellness by soothing airways and revitalizing skin. By the way, steam baths are also great for the environment. It takes 100 gallons of water to fill a large jet-spa tub and 17 gallons for an eight-minute shower. A 20 minute immersion in a steam bath requires only about 1.5 gallons of water.
  • Use natural materials to gain a spa aesthetic. Teak, bamboo, and stone are all wonderful materials to use in your retreat bathroom. We particularly like the look and feel of river rock flooring in your shower.
  • Add plants around the tub, shower, or toilet. Plants are air purifiers, and many thrive in bathrooms because of the high humidity. Consider varieties like aloe vera, ferns, and pathos.
  • If your home has a beautiful view of natural landscapes, place your bathroom where you can look out at nature. 


Activate Your Senses

When we started Sensory Six several years ago, we put our design philosophy right into our company name -- sensory. We believe strongly that distinctive spaces should be a sensory experience and appeal to multiple senses. It’s not just about what you see. It’s also about what you touch, hear, smell, and feel. Spa bathrooms are perfect places to create sensory delight.

  • Enjoy soothing music, nature sounds, or even songs from your favorite playlist to sing along in the shower. There are so many ways to add a sound system to your bathroom design in inconspicuous ways like ventilation fans that also integrate Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting.
  • Soothe your skin with toasty warm towels, pajamas, robes, and blankets after a shower or bath. For example, there are bucket-style warmers that will fit in seamlessly into your bathroom design and automatically shut off when heated to the temperature you prefer.
  • Use essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits or leaves to promote mental, emotional, and physical health through aromatherapy. There are many types of diffusers based on the size of your space. While many systems are automatic, we suggest using technology that allows you to control scent intensity levels since everyone reacts differently to smells.


Consider Lighting

If you are a follower of Sensory Six, you know one of our passions is lighting. This is particularly important in a spa bathroom where you want to create a peaceful space.

  • Maximize natural light. Enlarge windows and add skylights to bring more light into your bathroom because natural light provides a sense of well-being, improves moods, and balances your natural circadian rhythm. Natural light also enhances how we see color and texture as it changes during the day and season.
  • While you need bright light for grooming and beauty routines, you don’t need it when soaking in the tub  You can replace lights bulbs with different colors and intensity and control with a remote to reflect your moods.
  • Jazz it up with unusual and luxurious light fixtures such as high end wall mounts or chandeliers. One-of-a-kind artisan lighting doesn’t need to be reserved for your dining and living areas. 

Create a mood with candlelight. Cluster votives or tealights on a vanity, window ledge, or around the tub will enhance the spa feel.  Keep it simple and beautiful.



Accessorize with Class

It’s remarkable what the right accessories can do to create a distinctive space.  Sometimes, because bathrooms are so functional, people forget to pay special attention to furniture, art and other furnishings.

  • Add a large statement piece to a barren bathroom wall to pull the room together and give it personality. Or curate art or photographs for a gallery wall.  Spa art can be also used to emphasize natural elements such as water or woods.
  • Hide and organize cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and personal products with simple furniture like a bamboo bath stool or small cabinet. Planning out organization early is a great idea and will keep your spa bathroom from becoming over cluttered.
  • Make the bathroom feel more luxurious with gold details in handles, pulls and faucets.  This simple change will add both warmth and luxury to your spa bathroom.


We have lots more tricks up our sleeves about how to turn your whole home into a retreat and add a feeling of wellness to all your spaces.  We’d love to talk.




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