Filling Our Lives with Gratitude
Nov 23, 2022 Featured, Interior Design

Filling Our Lives with Gratitude

It’s been a rough couple of years. For some of us, our experiences have been profound and heartbreaking with loss of family and friends. For others, our experiences have been more about disruption in our homelife and businesses. We’ve all shared lessons learned from the pandemic, both as individuals and as a community.  

At Sensory Six, one lesson takes precedent over all others. Gratitude. We have been so fortunate. So, it seems particularly appropriate during this holiday season of thanksgiving and miracles to share with you a few of the things we are grateful for.

Our Health

As we have all learned, nothing is as important as our health. We are infinitely grateful for our health and that our proactive and conscious decisions have protected our team and our clients. Additionally, we have become even more committed to designs that promote the health of people and the planet. We are embracing new and better materials and technology. We are creating spaces within homes and businesses that provide for fitness, meditation, and other health-enhancing practices. While designing with health in mind has always been a passion, now it has become a mission of Sensory Six.

Our Work

We are honored and humbled that we get to help people fulfill their dreams.  Whether it is building a new home, renovating an existing residence, or taking commercial properties to new heights, we get to listen to someone’s vision and then make it real.   We also love a challenge like turning a small bathroom into a spa, making a rooftop bar into a hotspot, or putting new life into old office space as multi-use buildings for businesses and living.  It is very rewarding work, and we are grateful for it.

Our Clients

Not only have our past clients stood by us, but we have been able to grow with more projects. During the pandemic, people took a hard look at their homes and realized they wanted to turn them into havens. Businesses knew they had to change with the times and new needs of their customers. They engaged Sensory Six, and we have grown. One thing that was not predicted, however, was supply chain and labor disruption. This has resulted in a lack of materials, delays, and constantly fluctuating scheduling. We are infinitely grateful to our clients for their understanding and patience as we have worked hard to complete projects as close to budget and timelines as possible.

Our Suppliers, Artisans and Tradespeople

We simply could not do what we do without our extraordinary network of suppliers, artisans, and tradespeople. They are the ones who take our designs and turn them into reality. Many have been close to heroic in keeping the flow of work going as they struggled with supply and labor issues. It has been simply miraculous that they were able to meet these challenges while maintaining the high quality we depend upon. We are very grateful to them.

Our Team

The Sensory Six team is made up of professionals who deeply love their work. They believe wholeheartedly in creating distinctive spaces that appeal to all our senses.  Each day they share their creativity and skills with each other and our clients. We are so grateful for this extraordinary group of women who have pushed the boundaries in their own skillsets and embraced change vigorously.

Our Family and Friends

Just like our designs focus on balance and connection, our lives would lack meaning if we were not able to balance our personal and professional needs.  Our families and friends have been a constant source of support and encouragement. We are so grateful for them all.

We wish all of you the blessings of health, serenity, courage, and fulfillment.  And most of all, a mindset filled with gratitude for where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.

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