2022 Trends Reflect Sensory Six Design Aesthetic
Apr 21, 2022 Featured, Interior Design

2022 Trends Reflect Sensory Six Design Aesthetic

We didn’t plan to be trendy, but apparently Sensory Six’s core design aesthetic is spot on with the 2022 design trends being predicted by the world’s top interior designers. It even looks like we might be trend-setters since we’ve been promoting many of these trends since opening our firm several years ago.

Now that we’re done patting ourselves on the back (smile), we’d like to share four 2022 trends with you.

Trend #1: Multi-Use Space Based on Well-Being

We’re all spending lots more time inside with the need to accomplish many things: work, relaxation, study, and exercise to name a few. 

  • Dedicated private spaces are a top priority as we share space together. While open floor plans are still the preference, we are segmenting and delineating space to create meditation nooks and other places where people can find quiet and privacy. 
  • Private wellness rooms dedicated to meditation, exercise, and other self-care practices are being designed with aromatherapy, music systems, and special filtration components to promote health that utilizes all the senses. 
  • Specific rooms for specific members of the family are another trend such as homework rooms for children filled with interactive smart boards and other technology.
  • People are getting creative about work-from-home solutions particularly when they have smaller spaces. Smart shelving and space-saving features are turning kitchens and large walk-in closets into office space.
  • Rooms are being designed for double duty. A dining room becomes a library or “wine cellar” with walls lined for storage. Bedrooms hold desks or exercise equipment. Essentially, as people spend more time in their homes, their spaces need to work harder for them.

Trend #2: Nature Reigns Inside and Out

Connecting to the natural world always feels good, but now it is vital to our wellbeing. We are optimizing porches and patio spaces for relaxation and entertainment including the use of more sophisticated outdoor furniture.

  • Inside, we are applying biophilic design principles that empathize natural lighting and ventilation, incorporate plants and create a visual connection with nature.
  • Sustainability is everywhere and designers are using the best materials to sustain our ecosystem and health. There are so many options to choose from.
  • The color palette for 2022 reflects the hues you find in nature such as rosy, terracotta tones. Some designers predict warmer fall-like colors such as deep reds, yellows, and oranges will used to make living spaces feel cozier. 
  • Accessories like pottery that are filled with texture and reflect the earth are in vogue.

Trend #3: Bright and Vibrant Colors Add Impact

We need a little joy in our life in 2022, and one trend is the spot use of bright colors to create a bit of happiness.

  • "Very Peri" is Pantone’s  2022 Color of the Year. It is a bold blue with a violet-red undertone, and you will see it in everything from furniture to decor.
  • Color and patterns will appear in more window treatments such as drapery, shades, and sheers. 
  • There will be a move away from neutrals and muted colors to joyous ones that put a smile on your face. Think citrus green.

Trend #4: Spaces Reflect Personality and Interests

More spaces are being designed to reflect personality and personal interests.

  • Big statement furniture or signature lighting are being used to bring personality into living spaces. 
  • People are adding more original art to their walls from upcoming artists and artists of color. People want their art collections to be fresh and reflect diversity. 
  • People are adding 3D art to spaces to create whimsey and intrigue.
  • Interiors are becoming more adventurous and reflecting other cultures as people bring the world into their homes.

Photo: Horsch Interiors 

It’s great to keep up with the trends but what really matters is a design team that truly listens to what you need and offers up creative solutions that exceed your expectations. That’s what we do at Sensory Six, and we’d love to talk.

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