Finding Your Own Personal 21st Century Zen™
Jun 29, 2015 Featured, Health and Wellness

Finding Your Own Personal 21st Century Zen™


Sensory Six describes its design style as 21st Century Zen™.  This means luxurious, harmonic and calming style that appeals to all the senses and is grounded in nature.  It is strongly based on our belief that spaces at work and at home should be a haven and an inspiration.  They should make you feel like you are on vacation.


Recently, our founder, Sandra Fox, actually went on a much-need vacation to beautiful St. John in the Virgin Islands. She came back energized and balanced – just the feelings she loves for the spaces she designs.


You can see her love of nature in her photos of St John.  Sandra loves the range of colors throughout the day that play on the surface and sky – the oranges and golds of sunsets and sunrises; the tans and greys of the surrounding landscape; and the blues and greens of oceans. She seeks contrasting textures that flow like the waves or have the natural edginess of coral and stone.


The water is her personal Zen spot. It is her place of harmony. It is her inspiration.


When Sandra and her staff work with clients, they are seeking the personal Zen moment that everyone has.  Is it walking in the woods with friends?  Alone on a mountaintop?  Rejoicing in the colors of autumn?  Finding peace in the stillness of winter snow?   Out of that understanding comes a design that is unique to their desires and needs. 


So, what is your place of 21st Century Zen?  Does your home bring you peace and inspiration?  Is your business a welcoming haven to employees and customers?  Let us know your thoughts.



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