Where Can I Put My Stuff?
Apr 25, 2015 Featured, Interior Design

Where Can I Put My Stuff?

Our 21st Century Zen design-build philosophy advocates modern, tranquil and luxurious spaces for both home and business use.  We believe strongly that these kinds of living and working spaces improve well-being and productivity.

One of the biggest challenges people face when embracing this philosophy is deciding what to do with all their stuff.  Many of our clients have both sentimental and pragmatic reasons for holding on to many items that add clutter. So while we advocate a serious Spring-cleaning approach, we also recognize that efficient storage is important to improve aesthetics and functionality as well as increase resale value.

Here are ideas to add “sneaky storage” to your home or office. Some involve remodeling while others are incorporate creative storage design in furnishings.

  • Repurpose space and accommodate specific home needs through modular storage pieces like cubbies that work well to organize kitchens, play rooms and bathrooms.  Built-in storage works well in areas like mudrooms.
  • Find decorative pieces that also function as storage options such as beds, bookcases, and entertainment centers. Repurposing furniture and antiques into hidden storage solutions is a great way to merge function and design.
  • Consider replacing an extra bedroom with a customized, walk-in master closet that can hold year-round wardrobes. If you don’t have an extra bedroom, current closet spaces can be greatly enhanced with a custom design.
  • Create a super pantry in your kitchen that includes a prep area, open storage and room for extra appliances.  This will reduce clutter in your main kitchen.
  • Put in a large closet near your entranceway to store jumbo-sized packages from warehouse stores.

There are so many interesting solutions currently on the market in terms of furnishings. Additionally, bringing in a professional with fresh eyes can help you discover many efficient ways to store and organize things you need in your home or office.

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