New Sensory Six Research Shows Local Trends: Part 2
Mar 4, 2016 Featured, Design Build

New Sensory Six Research Shows Local Trends: Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the research that Sensory Six conducted to understand design-build trends in the Capital District.  Our research showed that the number one trend is to create healthier homes and commercial properties.  Here are four components of this trend that will dominate in 2016:



Capital District home and business owners are turning to more natural materials such as wood and brick.  More natural light through windows and outside space that extends indoors is bringing nature inside. Additionally, sustainable materials like reclaimed wood from old barns and homes are being used throughout our region.



“Less is more” is a trend among Capital District residents, according to the research.  People are getting rid of things and discovering unique storage options. When acquiring, they are being selective about what goes into their homes and offices, often adding a few pieces of artisan or locally-crafted accessories and lighting to a room.


Wellness Rooms

Apartment complexes are upgrading or adding wellness rooms to differentiate themselves in the market.   These wellness rooms go beyond exercise equipment and often include a place for yoga and mediation, aromatherapy, and special lighting and entertainment systems.


Smart Technology

Capital District residents and business owners want smarter technology in their properties to control temperature, security and lighting and to reduce utility bills.  They also want integrated ways to control their entertainment systems throughout the home.  Because of the high percentage of tech savvy people in the area, this trend is rapidly becoming a must have for new home and apartment dwellers.


What do you think of this trend? How is it affecting the choices you are making when it comes to your home or business? Please let us know.

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