Light Up Your Sales!
Nov 3, 2015 Featured, Lighting

Light Up Your Sales!

As we enter the holiday buying season (yes, it is happening already), retailers need to pay special attention to lighting because it is a key factor in driving sales.  Lighting is also a design element that can easily be enhanced without major remodeling as a quick way to improve traffic and purchase.

Lighting serves multiple functions in the selling and purchasing process:

Leads shoppers into the store

  • Defines the store’s image and brand
  • Provides a positive purchasing experience
  • Highlights and visually enhances merchandise

So how does a storeowner decide what type of lighting to use? At Sensory Six, we carefully look at needs first to understand what lighting should accomplish.

It all starts with store type. If you are a do-it-yourself store with high activity, the stress is on creating a bright atmosphere where people can easily see your products. If you are a high end, high touch store, the focus shifts to spotlighting key items and creating an atmosphere. 

Many stores are hybrids – they want to create ambiance and spotlight merchandise but also enable the shopper to see all the merchandise.  Stores in shopping malls often fall into this category because they are not staffed for one-on-one personal attention.

There are essentially three types of lighting used in stores: ambient, accent and case/shelf lighting.  

Ambient or overall store lighting often uses florescent fixtures to provide bright, low maintenance and inexpensive light sources.  In the past, florescent lighting was primarily functional but designers have brought style to fixtures so they can create a unique look and feel.   When selecting the right ambient source, it is critical to make sure that it does not change the color of the merchandise.

Accent lighting comes in many varieties, but the key is to enhance not overwhelm the merchandise. It can be used to showcase luxury items or call out new or sales merchandise. Accent lighting using LED fixtures can provide focused, soft and attractive light and be positioned to add dramatic flair or atmosphere.

Finally, shoppers are often frustrated when they cannot see items in a case or on a shelf.  Paying special attention to dark areas in a store and making sure that all merchandise is visually accessible are important considerations in boosting sales.  LED lights are also useful in case and shelf lighting because they can make merchandise stand out.  For example, for fine jewelry in cases, LED light fixtures can be focused in ways that highlight precious stones.

We would love to help you boost sales by improving lighting.  Please give us a call so we can explore solutions together.

Image: Courtesy of The Whisky Shop



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