The Shape of the Future: The Urban Sky Farm
Jul 11, 2014 Featured, Health and Wellness

The Shape of the Future: The Urban Sky Farm

A recent article in Fast Company highlights a new example of urban farming where function meets form in a beautiful sustainable manner.  This is an idea that excites all of us at Sensory Six.  While still in the conceptual stage, this kind of thinking shows great creativity. 


Architects Steve Lee and See Yoon Park have designed the Urban Sky farm, designed to mimic the shape of an enormous tree.  The structure is covered in leaf-like decks that can provide 24 acres of space for growing fruit trees and plants like tomatoes.


The trunk of the tree houses an indoor hydroponic farm for greens, and solar panels and wind turbines at the top of the tower provide enough energy to power the whole operation. The design would also capture rainwater and filter it through a constructed wetland before returning it to a nearby stream.


The architects envision the project in the middle of downtown Seoul, South Korea.  The design would also provide community gardens, park space, and a farmers market to cater to a demand for fresh, local food.


We can imagine designs like this eventually moving into the residential and commercial markets. Imagine hotels or apartment buildings with sky farms on the roof. Good for people, the planet and profits!



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