Creating Your Dream Home
Apr 3, 2014 Featured, Interior Design

Creating Your Dream Home

Several years ago Sandra Fox, presdient of Sensory Six, created her dream home.  In addition to being  labor of love and challenges, it taught her many things that have been extremely useful now that she designs living spaces for residential and commercial clients.

She describes her home as both a retreat and haven.  In fact, if you would like to see photos and read more about it, the home was featured in Life@Home magazine.

Here are some of the lessons that she learned:

  • Work with the most talented artists and craftspeople.  She spent a great deal of time tracking down the best of the best in the Capital Region.  We are blessed to have some extraordinary talent here, but you need to know how to find them.
  • Don’t settle.  For Sandra, lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of great design.  Unfortunately, she could not find what she wanted locally.  She extended her search to the world and was able to find people who unite function with art in lighting that is truly extraordinary.  That’s one of the reasons why Sensory Six now sells lighting to its clients directly from these sources and incorporates this signature lighting into our designs.
  • Less is more.  Sandra has always been a minimalist. When she designed her dream house, she focused on marrying simplicity with luxury.  Always keeping that as her mantra helped create a home that was viewed by others as a showplace.  It became a chief design principle of Sensory Six.
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