Healthy Energy in Kids' Rooms
Apr 15, 2014 Featured, Health and Wellness

Healthy Energy in Kids' Rooms

In a recent article in Capital Region Living, Sandra Fox, president of Sensory Six, outlines ways of creating rooms for children that utilize some of the principles of Fen Shui. She talked about four cateories of energy which create  a harmonious environment for children: health energy; secure and  supportive energy;  happy and creative energy;  and learning and success.

Here are some ideas on how to improve health energy:

  • Keep the room clean.
  • Allow fresh air to fill the room by opening windows.
  • Imcorprate air purifiers and plants such as palms, ficuses and ferns.
  • Promote calmness and sleep by using essential oils like lavender.
  • Design the room for complete darkness with no night or aquarium light.  This allows your child's body to produce the right amount of melatonin.
  • Minimize electromatnetic freqhencies like monitors, power strips and TVs to also maximize melatonin.
  • Keep the room quiet. Get rid of white noise machines.

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