Part 2 - Remodeling Your Kitchen into Your Dream Space
Nov 16, 2020 Featured, Design Build

Part 2 - Remodeling Your Kitchen into Your Dream Space

Last month we talked about trends in refreshing kitchens. In the second part of our kitchen series, we look at the next level of makeovers – remodeling.  Next month we will look at creating completely new kitchens in new homes and additions. 

Often, people start out thinking they want to simply refresh their kitchen, but soon realize they need much more. For some, the remodel decision is based on understanding that they already live in their forever home and want a kitchen that better reflects current and future needs and wants.  For others, they plan to sell and know their outdated kitchen can significantly hurt resale value.

We asked Christina Feldman and Andrew Hazelton, our kitchen cabinet experts at KBC Design Studio, to also share their perspectives on trends in kitchen remodeling.

The first step in kitchen remodeling is conducting an in-depth assessment to understand need.  How is the kitchen used?  Who cooks in the family? What kitchens do they find inspiring? Are there pets and/or kids? How are changes going to integrate with other rooms? These are just a few of the questions that lead to design goals, budgets and a work plan.

The primary goals of kitchen remodels include modernizing, maximizing space and efficiency, improving traffic flow, reducing clutter, increasing light, and opening up to other rooms in the house. Often, clients want to tear down a wall to create open space between a formal dining area and the kitchen. Islands are designed for seating and storage, replacing kitchen tables. Windows are added to allow more natural light.  Cabinets, floors and countertops are updated for a more contemporary and minimalistic look. 

Here are some specific trends that Sensory Six and KBC are seeing:


People want cabinets that work hard for them and are aesthetically pleasing.  One new trend is cabinets that come in bright colors like blue, green and yellow with designers sometimes creating a tuxedo effect by using one color on top cabinets and another on the bottom. Cabinetry now goes up the ceiling to maximize storage and reduce cleaning.  Drawers and doors utilize soft or cushion closing technology to improve safety and reduce noise.  The insides of cabinets are feature-laden to hold everything from electronics to spices.


With more people cooking at home, people are looking at high-end appliances with multiple features. For example, four or six burner professional quality gas stoves are becoming popular. Induction cooking surfaces are also gaining interest with smooth surfaces are cool to the touch when cooking.  People also want their appliances to be hidden away, selecting integrated refrigerators that are built right into the kitchen.  And while televisions are losing popularity, sound systems and digital displays are often must-have’s in kitchens.


Lighting and Wall Space

Often in a remodel, people put in new and larger windows to let natural light in, which results in loss of wall space for cabinets. Concerns can be mitigated by putting in smart base cabinets as well as utilizing space in an island.  Islands can even be designed to include specific uses like a dog bed for the four-legged family member. Another emerging storage trend is the return of pantries, where open shelving or glass cabinets are in new spaces carved out by modernizing downstairs bathrooms, for example.

Sensory Six is here to help. We offer expert advice, great designs, and strong supplier relationships to remodel your kitchen into a wonderful and distinctive space.  Give us a call,and stay tuned for our next article on new kitchen design.




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