Refresh? Remodel? New? Your Kitchen is Open for Business.
Jul 31, 2020 Featured, Kitchen

Refresh? Remodel? New? Your Kitchen is Open for Business.

We all know that kitchens are often the heart of homes.  Now more than ever, kitchens have become increasingly important gathering centers as people stay at home while practicing social distancing in the world of COVID-19.  People are cooking more, growing their own food, and sharing meals together far more than in past years.

That means we have seen an upsurge of families wanting changes in their kitchens to make them more beautiful, comfortable and functional. Three design options we are currently focused on with our clients include: refreshing, remodeling, and creating completely new spaces.  In our three-part series, we will look at trends in each area with the first being refreshing. 

We asked one of our partners, Christina Feldman from KBC Design Studio, to share some of her perspectives on refreshing kitchens. Christina has the same passion for designing distinctive spaces as does Sensory Six, and we often collaborate together since KBC has a specialty in cabinets and Sensory Six has a specialty in interior design.

According to Christina, refreshing kitchens is primarily cosmetic and can often be accomplished at a much lower cost and significantly less time than remodeling or creating new spaces.   When you refresh a kitchen, the focus is generally on walls, floors, countertops and cabinets.

Here are some trends the Sensory Six / KBC Design Studio team is currently seeing in kitchen design.




Use of geometric tiles to add interest in kitchen

Images above are a kitchen designed by Sensory Six and KBC Design Studio.  This kitchen was a 2019 Award Winner for Kitchen Design by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

White walls in kitchens have always been popular, but now people are gravitating to painting with different shades of white, pastels, and navy blue. Another trend is the return of wallpaper – often in geometric patterns – to replace faux finish walls. Additionally, geometric patterned tiles and colorful vertical subway tiles are being used as backsplashes and on other walls.




Retrofitted knife-utensil drawer enhances organization

One way to increase the functionality of your kitchen is to refit the inside of cabinets for specific uses.  Cabinets now organize spices, storage containers, knives, and a host of other needs to make cooking easier.

A fan of gardening, one of Christina’s favorite upgrades to her own kitchen is a spice cabinet with labels on the top of the jars for easy access to her homegrown spices.




Docking drawer upgrade during a kitchen refresh

Plug molding replaces outlets

More and more electronics are moving into the kitchen, and people are looking for ways to keep them out of the way as well as provide additional power sources. Turning a cabinet into a docking drawer and adding plug molding are two great solutions.




Matte gold hardware for warmth and freshness 

A highly effective way to beautify a kitchen is to change out the hardware on cabinets.  There is a trend away from silver to warm gold hardware in order to update and dress up a kitchen.




Kohler farm sink retrofitted into existing cabinets 

Manufacturers are coming up with great new materials for refreshing kitchens as well as adopting popular old-fashioned looks.  For example, farm sinks with an apron in the front now can be fit into standard cabinets. Big pendant lights from the 50’s and 60’s are being placed over islands.  And waterproof flooring that looks like wood has increased durability since it is now colored all the way to reduce wear and tear.


We are here to help.  The Sensory Six / KBC Design Studio team offers expert advice, great designs, and strong supplier relationships to turn your kitchen into a wonderful and distinctive space.  Give us a call, and stay tuned for our next article on kitchen remodeling. 

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