2020 Design Prediction: Off-Trend Will Be On-Trend
Jan 6, 2020 Featured, Interior Design

2020 Design Prediction: Off-Trend Will Be On-Trend

 A recent article in Forbes about interior design trends for 2020 caught our attention because it so accurately reflects the Sensory Six design philosophy. Essentially, the author, lifestyle influencer Amanda Lauren, said that 2020 and beyond will be a time when being off-trend will be on-trend.

People are tired of seeing the same styles in magazines and social media.  Keeping up with the trends is not making them happy. Instead they want their homes and businesses to reflect their own personalities. This means carefully selecting furniture, lighting and accessories that authentically showcase personal style.  Additionally, as people seek out highly crafted, high quality furnishings, they are viewing them as longer-term investments in creating distinctive spaces for themselves.


Finding the Right Furnishings

How do you find the right furnishings?  It comes down two key strategies.  First, you need a thorough assessment.  Here are a few questions that our team at Sensory Six asks our clients:

  • How would you describe your personal style?
  • How do you see it fitting into the space you live or work in?
  • How will the new furnishings you need be used? 
  • What textures do you like?
  • What do you find appealing about lighting and lighting fixtures?
  • What colors make you feel good?
  • What are your budget parameters? 
  • How do you see your new furnishings working with existing furnishing?

Secondly, you need to work with someone who has a large and diverse network of suppliers. Sensory Six, for example, has spent years developing relationships with the top art, furnishing and lighting companies in the world.  Additionally, we collaborate with the extraordinary artisans who live in the Capital District.  We are truly lucky to have amazing talent right in our backyard.

Once we understand exactly what our client is thinking about, our job is to deliver beyond their expectations.  Essentially, we are hired to take a vision and turn it into reality.   Because of our background, we look at all the senses in order to create design options that surprise and delight our clients.


What if You Don’t Have a Personal Style?

In our opinion, people are more conscious and knowledgeable about their own personal style than ever before.  Yet, sometimes they come to us saying, “I have no clue what I want.”  That’s when we become “design shrinks.”  By observing their tastes in other things in their lives, asking lots of personal questions, showing them a wide range of different styles, and most importantly, understanding what goes on in their heart, we are able to figure it out. 

For example, when we find someone who has a passion for the environment, generally he or she wants a more natural look. We will seek out materials that are sustainable and reflect different textures.  In other instances, clients who have a preference for mountains over water or deserts over woodland often bring that same atmosphere and choice of color into their home or business.  Others may find appeal in precision and order in their lives; our designs may then reflect a more modernistic look.

Our skill is to dig deep in knowing our clients and then match unique furnishings and lighting to their personality.  It’s what makes being a designer so much fun and makes our clients happy.  The following are some examples of the personalized details that made our clients’ spaces distinctive to their own personality.



 Customized pillows, headboard and artwork reflect our client’s love of texture. 


Comfort, elegance, and simplicity allow the focus to be on our client’s passion for light and views.



Unique artwork turns a bathroom into a luxurious and whimsical place that mirrors our client’s personal style. 

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