Creating Private Space With Your Home
Nov 25, 2015 Featured, Retreat Rooms

Creating Private Space With Your Home

Thanksgiving is a time where we gather with family in gratitude and reflection. But even within the warmth of family and friends, we all need a space to call our own.


To that end, Sensory Six is creating retreat rooms -- private spaces within homes.  These are spaces where you can be creative, spend your time exactly how you want, and restore your sense of well-being.


 A sampling of retreat rooms includes:

  • Fitness centers
  • Wine cellars
  • Relaxation/meditation spaces
  • Reading rooms
  • Hobby areas


Here is the simple idea behind retreat rooms: you create a room of your own where you – and only you -- dictate the where, why and how.


Do you want an airy, light-filled space room where you can paint, sew or craft? Are you seeking a wine cellar -- the perfect spot to escape and relax? Do you want a library where you can surround yourself with books, music and  plush chair?


The possibilities are endless when you give yourself the gift of a retreat room.


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