The Importance of Project Management: Part 2
Oct 10, 2014 Featured, Design Build

The Importance of Project Management: Part 2



“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

~Benjamin Franklin


At Sensory Six, we can manage a whole design-build or individual components.  We bring our project management skills to every engagement.  Sometimes, we are hired specifically to be the project manager.

But there is one common factor for all projects no matter what the scope – they always begin with a contract. The more complicated the project, the more complicated the contract.  In fact, with larger projects, there are numerous contracts involving owner and builder, designers, architects, materials suppliers, and subcontractors such as electricians, carpenters, and heating and cooling professionals.

The person generally managing all these contracts is the project manager so it is important that the he or she helps draft agreements and is intimately familiar with requirements.

 Once a contract is signed and before any work begins, a project manager needs to have a plan. This plan is a roadmap to how and when different parts of the project will proceed including a deliverables schedule.  The roadmap enables work to be done in a timely and cost-efficient manner that minimizes disruption of a client’s home or business.

One of our practices at Sensory Six is to clearly outline project goals. We set specific project goals based on the contractual conditions of performance.  We then divide the project into different phases and determine goals within each phase.  This allows us to know what it will take so we stay on budget and on time.

 Because contract negotiation, planning and setting goals are so vital to a successful project, you should look for a company with extensive project management experience that matches the type of project you are involved in.  Commercial work is very different than residential design-builds so make sure the company you select has the right experience. 


Part 3 in this series will discuss how project managers work to keep projects on time and on budget.



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