Is Your Workspace Helping Your Business?
Jun 21, 2014 Featured, Commercial

Is Your Workspace Helping Your Business?

(Image - Google’s London Headquarters)

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is recruiting and retaining employees that make a difference to the bottom-line. Recent studies show that an important way to enhance performance is to create the right workspace – an atmosphere of physical, psychological and functional comfort.  

Many factors contribute to a sense of well-being -- temperature, color, furniture layout, humidity, light, noise, ventilation and privacy. Increasingly, employees also want workspaces that combine technology innovations and sustainable materials in ways that contribute to their health as well as that of the planet.

Many companies who are leading the way in recruiting the best of the best – like Google and Apple – invest heavily in creating campuses that appeal to their employees and emphasize their brand and values.  At Sensory Six, we work with innovative businesses who understand that creating the right atmosphere is important not only for clients, but also to get the most out of their most important investment – employees.

Here are four areas to consider:

Lighting. According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, the most important factor affecting people in buildings are the different spectrums that different light sources produce. Employees who work in spaces where daylight or full-spectrum lights are the main light source report that they feel better.

Comfort. Ergonomic chairs, desks, and keyboards increase comfort levels and prevents physical injury. Additionally, creating an employee R & R space provides psychological comfort by providing a place where employees can relax when stressed out or tired.

Art and Furnishings.  Visual stimulation enhances creativity and problem-solving, according to many studies. Google’s new London headquarters is a great example of a company that is conveying its culture through space design – open, collaborative, funky and colorful.  While the design is different than the luxurious simplicity, which is a hallmark of Sensory Six, it adheres strongly to our principle of appealing to ALL the senses through a blend of lighting, textures, color, sound and space.

Nature.  Research indicates that plants in the workplace and a view of vegetation improve attention, cognitive functioning and performance. Studies show that plants reduce stress, headaches, fatigue, sore throats, eye irritation and skin problems.

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