Perspectives on Creating a “Green” Kitchen
Jun 6, 2014 Featured, Health and Wellness

Perspectives on Creating a “Green” Kitchen

The May-June issue of Organic Spa Magazine featured tips on creating your own green kitchen. Here are a few of our thoughts on the subject, based on the magazine’s useful article. 

  • Water is life. But it is also finite. So how can we live life to the fullest, while protecting the resources that sustain us? The road to this balance can start with something as simple as a green water system, which can divert wasted water from your kitchen to nourish your garden or lawn. This is an investment that may cost more initially, but pays dividends down the road—both from an economic standpoint and for your peace of mind.


  • For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to their kitchen, exploring the possibility of an interior grow cabinet will prove fascinating. Available in a wide array of styles and sizes, these cabinets can meld seamlessly with your present decor and allow you to grow sprouts and vegetables right in your kitchen. The hydroponic system speeds and simplifies the entire growing process by using nutrient-rich water to feed your plants. With your own produce quite literally in arms reach, you can truly redefine the phrase “freshly-picked.”


  •  Few moments compare to the fleeting warmth we savor from a soft sweater straight out of the dryer or a fresh cup of coffee on a crisp winter night—but what if we could make those moments last? While traditional heating systems simply spread hot air around, radiant floor heat in your kitchen actually warms surfaces and even objects. It provides a more intimate feeling of warmth in a way that is much more efficient than other energy sources, which means you can dial the thermostat down a few degrees and still feel just as cozy.


  • Choosing the right energy efficient appliances is a key for living in harmony with the environment, and it can often go hand-in-hand with comfort and productivity. A double-drawer dishwasher, for example, allows you to switch between using one or both of the shelves, so cycles conserve both water and time.


  • Another easy method of saving energy is to place different sources of light on different switches in your kitchen. This prevents you from using more light than you need as well as allows you to play with accenting different elements in the room.


  • Finally, in any new decorating or remodeling experience, it is always valuable to get to the core of your choices before making a final decision about your kitchen remodel. The best changes are the ones that help you live in better balance day-to-day. Looking for kitchen changes that complement the way you live will insure that you get the most out the experience and that is what it really means to be “sustainable.”


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