Daylighting Design
May 10, 2014 Featured, Lighting

Daylighting Design

Did you know that people receive about 85% of their information through their sense of sight?  Poor lighting can make it harder to get things done, create eye fatigue, cause headaches and lead to an overall feeling of unease, depression and anxiety. Conversely, good lighting, with an emphasis on natural light, can lift our spirits and invoke an overall feeling of wellness.


Daylighting design is the science we use to create visually stimulating and productive environments while reducing energy costs.  This means creating a system that includes windows, skylights and a daylight-responsive lighting control system.

Not only are we looking at how to provide the maximum amount of daylight – a challenge often in our headquarters in Upstate New York – but also to prevent undesirable side effects like heat loss and glare.  This means factoring in shading devices, window size, spacing, glass selection, interior finishes and interior partitions. 

Daylighting requires an integrated design approach, which is one of the fundamentals of Sensory Six. We look at the building’s form, the site, the climate, windows and skylights, lighting control and any lighting design criteria. 

Equally important are aspects of interior design such as furniture selection, placement and room surface finishes.  And of course, the use of extraordinary lighting fixtures whenever possible to create the 21st Century ZenÔ atmosphere that we strive for at Sensory Six.


This bathroom design shows daylighting in action with the beautiful natural light coming in through the window, and the aesthetics of the lighting fixture (ET2 Cascada) creating a calming ambiance.

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