Engaging a Design Firm for Your Bathroom Remodel? Smart Thinking!
Mar 24, 2021 Featured, Design Build

Engaging a Design Firm for Your Bathroom Remodel? Smart Thinking!

There are two rooms in your house where DYI remodel can get you into a lot of trouble – your kitchen and your bathroom.  We’ve already shared with you some advice on kitchen remodeling in previous blogs.  Now let’s talk about how getting expert help for your bathroom remodel will reduce stress and keep you from flushing money and time down the drain.

Bathroom Design and Construction Is Complex

Planning is everything because the bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in your house.  Remodels require precise measurements, understanding of space restrictions and adherence to building codes. Breaking down walls and moving plumbing fixtures needs to be thought out carefully and can impact the budget significantly.



For example, if you are adding features like a steam shower or heated floor, you also need to plan for proper ventilation since moisture buildup will cause paint and grout to deteriorate. Also if you are planning to move plumbing as opposed to just a “rip and replace” of fixtures, it will impact the labor effort as well as materials and will also increase your budget.

But every plan has a starting point -- your needs. At Sensory Six, we determine the goals of our clients and how they anticipate functioning in the space. With bathrooms, people might want double sinks for a husband or wife, built-in televisions for watching early morning news or heated floors if they are sensitive to cold.



Then we get a handle on their design aesthetic such as whether they find modern or rustic more appealing. Typically, we ask our clients to share images of spaces that inspire them and explain why.  From there, we give them a visual of the potential finished space by developing a draft concept design with space layouts, finish details, and more.

The Right Materials are Essential

Your bathroom is a place that needs to promote wellness through cleanliness and hygiene. That makes selecting the right materials essential for your health. Additionally, bathrooms are under high levels of stress from multiple users, high moisture levels, temperature shifts and more. These conditions can lead to warped or mildewed floors, walls or vanities.  So you need to choose high-end materials designed specifically for a bathroom.  


For many of us, our bathrooms are spaces of luxury and relaxation.  That means you want to select materials that are customized to your tastes without sacrificing functionality. For example, you may be looking at special order countertops, specialized lighting and elegant bath and shower designs. And who doesn’t get inspired by a beautiful commode?

Two areas of special concern are flooring and countertop materials since those areas have high visibility and use.  There is an array of flooring options that vary based on performance, durability and cost; ceramic tile, porcelain tile, vinyl flooring, water-resistant laminate, and engineered water-resistant wood are some of the most popular choices.  For countertops. there are materials like quartz, marble and granite that deliver both durability and eye-catching beauty.

Photo: Randall Perry 

Bathroom glass is also a key design element with particular attention to surfaces that are clear, resilient and easy to clean. Using glass also allows light to stream through, providing a soft and subtle lighting scheme and a more natural feel.

We would love to help you with your bathroom design and make this a seamless and easy process for you.  In our next blog,  we will share our thoughts about what’s trending in the world of bathrooms.  Until then, give us a call so we can answer your questions.


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