Love is the Air (and in Your Home)
Feb 11, 2021 Featured, Interior Design

Love is the Air (and in Your Home)

We love February. Even though the sky is grey and the air is cold, February warms us up with Valentine’s Day. To put it simply, our all-women team loves romance.  As Charles Schultz, one of our favorite cartoonists and creator of Peanuts, said, ”All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

So how does romance translate into your home?  Quite simply, it’s all about creating a sensory experience.  And who knows better than a company where sensory is part of its name. 

Here are nine ideas to add some romance to your space. (By the way, did you know that nine is a number that means love and magic and that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged?) Fun, right?

1.   Colors.  White and soft colors contrasted with a slightly darker wall color can add romance and warmth to a room, particularly bedrooms. Or consider adding red as a dramatic accent color for passion. Think red flowers, pillows or candles.

2.   Texture. Soft and supple fabrics like silk, satin, velvet or chenille add to a room’s atmosphere. Textured pillows and area rugs can make a space feel more luxurious and sensual, and lush wallpaper can create a cozy and intimate feel.


3.   Furnishings. Some furnishings are just more romantic than others. Consider a plush couch, fireplace or freestanding soaking tub. Select furniture with graceful curves. 



4.  Lighting. Nothing sets a mood like the right lighting. Use dimmers to create an intimate setting and warm, amber lights to promote romance. Instead of a large overhead fixture, select table lamps or wall sconces to create pools of lighting for a softer effect. Use accent lighting to draw attention to a meaningful photo on the mantel or a delicious dinner on the dining room table.



5.  Sitting Areas. Create intimate settings for two by placing a small table and chairs by a window or near the fireplace. When the snow finally leaves, dedicate a part of your garden to a space for romantic trysts. 




 6.   Scents. Vanilla, sandalwood or cinnamon candles and incense can set a loving mood. By the way, science backs up the use of scents to increase romance. One theory why fragrances with woody base notes like sandalwood may elicit strong aphrodisiac reactions is that they may stimulate hormone receptors.

7.  Nature. Display flowering branches or place flowers in unexpected places throughout your home. Use your imagination and arrange flowers in antique glass bottles or teacups. Or sprinkle your bedroom and bath with tiny bouquets to add romance, color and fragrance.


8.   Art.  Select art and photography that has meaning to you and your partner. Even better, create your own art together with a little wine and paint.

  1. Sound.  Don’t forget the music. Invest in a multi-room surround sound system that lets you create the right mood for every moment of your day.  And select your music well. Here are Billboard’s top love songs of all time to help you out.



We’d love to help you turn your space into a romantic haven.  We’ll even bring the chocolates.  Give us a call today at 518-306-1099




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