Sensory Six Celebrates Six
Nov 11, 2019 Featured, Interior Design

Sensory Six Celebrates Six

Sensory Six Celebrates Six


We have many reasons to be grateful at Sensory Six.  The biggest one is that we are now moving into our sixth year of business, thanks to the wonderful support of our commercial and residential clients.

 Why is this an accomplishment?  The fact is that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50 percent of small businesses fail in their fifth year.  So to succeed – and more importantly to thrive – is a big milestone for any small business.

 This year we are planning to celebrate all year long with events, new services, and more information about how to create distinctive spaces that are both beautiful and highly functional.  We want to continuously let you know how grateful we are for having this opportunity to fulfill our dream.

 Ribbon Cutting and Party



On October 15, we launched our celebratory year with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our new Sensory Six Studio at 8 Butler Place in Saratoga Springs followed by a party at Seneca Restaurant on 17 Division Street.  In addition to clients, partners, friends and family, we were joined by Carrie Woerner, a member of the state Assembly for the 113th District; Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly; and Chamber of Commerce members from Saratoga Springs and the Capital Region.  Sandra Fox, founder and president of Sensory Six, cut the ribbon along with Ashlyn Holderman, our senior designer and project manager.


 During the event, guests toured the studio as members of the Sensory Six team talked about our work. Then our guests experienced Sensory Six design in action as they partied in the transformed Seneca Restaurant.  Built in the 1960s, the space previously housed an insurance company and was completed gutted to provide a beautiful space for Chef Mike Spain to bring his distinctive food to downtown Saratoga Springs. We had a wonderful time with our guests who loved the new space, food, and drinks.



 Upcoming Events


Over the next few months, we plan on having intimate Sensory Six Soirees in our studio where people can learn more about design and enjoy each others company.  Right now we are thinking of the following topics, but we would love to hear other ideas:

  • Six Ways to Make Your Space a Sensory Experience
  • Six Ways to a Healthier Haven
  • Six Ways to Create Multi-generational Spaces
  • Six Design Trends for 2020


We’re also working to make our content on social media and at as relevant to you as possible.  From our conversations, we know you have a real interest in learning more about how to create distinctive spaces.  To that end, please take this very brief survey to let us know the six things you value most in the design of your home, workplace, and restaurants. We’ll share the results shortly!



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