Wellness in the Business Space
Oct 24, 2019 Featured, Health and Wellness

Wellness in the Business Space

Your company’s office is more than just an office, to many employees, it’s their home away home. Just like one’s home, your office should be a comfortable space that employees can enjoy. At Sensory Six, our designs focus on enabling people to enjoy lives filled with energy. Your office design should encourage inspiration, creativity, productivity, while also reflecting your company’s culture.

The impact the office environment has on the health of wellness of their employees is one element of design that has not changed throughout the years. A quality workplace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. We like to focus our designs on the WELL Building Standard’s seven concepts including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. By creating a space with these concepts in mind, your office will positively influence one’s health, wellbeing, satisfaction, and performance. For example, by including features like standing desks, communal working lounges, outdoor paths, and interconnecting stairs, you are giving your employees options to how and where they want to work.

Moreover, an employee wellness program is no longer a luxury amongst businesses, but more of a necessity to gain competitive edge. A high-performance organization begins and ends with the well-being of your employees. Every company’s culture, vision, goals and demographics are different. How each company defines wellness is based on their company culture and their needs. Uncovering and understanding how to bring wellness into the workplace is something we have a knack for at Sensory Six. We love these design features that emphasize creativity and collaboration.

Offices have evolved from cubicles under fluorescent lights to unique spaces that employees enjoy spending the day in. Here at Sensory Six we love high end work spaces that will promote creative thinking in a luxurious way. Contact us at to ensure your workplace has the right rooms and spaces to create a positive work environment for your employees.






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