Interior Design Trends
Sep 26, 2019 Featured, Interior Design

Interior Design Trends

As sensory beings, we put ourselves in spaces that excite our senses, like a table surface that thrills our fingertips or a fluffy rug that tempts our toes. Our name, Sensory Six, comes from the strong belief that living spaces should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience. This year’s interior design trends are all focused around the wellbeing of the homeowner(s). 

Check out the top four trends for 2019:

Wellbeing & Comfort

Homeowners have positioned the home as a space to restore and replenish. It’s important that homeowners are able to reflect, retreat, and introspect in their personal space, and it is even more important that the design allows them to do so. With our designs, we take a holistic view, creating living spaces that encourage people to enjoy their lives filled with positive energy. We accomplish this through organic furnishings and materials, taking advantage of natural light, and bringing the outdoors in.

Texture & Tactility

Wellbeing is more than just color on a wall and a little greenery in a room. The need to be re-connected by touch is very important to one’s sanity. Try incorporating more texturized materials like real embroidery, thick wool bouclés and linens, elaborate wall coverings or wall paneling made from cork and bamboo. Also, marble, stone, ceramic and porcelain are popular because they give a sense of both nature and texture.

Nostalgia & Familiarity 

Design is going back to what’s familiar. Classic furniture pieces will be a re-edition into the household. We’ve already seen velvet upholstery make a comeback. But, what’s next? People are attracted to things they know, now homeowners might do the same with products, materials and finishes that give them that fond recognition and comfort they seek in their home.

Scandinavian Style 

Is Scandi design never not trending? We don’t think so. Fresh, elegant and undeniably timeless, you can never go wrong with touches of Scandi design in your interior. With our help, your home design will incorporate a sense of color, texture, lighting and art that will delight all your senses.

Looking to incorporate some wellness-focused designs into your home? Sensory Six would love to create a space for you that is perfect in both form and function. Contact us at to set up a meeting!






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